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Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Nikita. Pokaz trwa 33 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: lip 2011

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czerwiec 12, 2012
My favorite strawberry-blonde is back: Nikita in Little Kitten. She's one of the most subtly-expressive girls I've seen. She has a sultry-sweet smile, smokey eyes, cute little nose; and the way she licks her lips: WOW! The heart necklace fits perfectly into her small cleavage. She keeps her kitty shaved smooth, and her breasts would fit a small hand. Nikita has a great backside! I could watch her butt shake all day, then watch her face all night.

Her pole skills are the weak part of the show, she does a few of spins, but her grinding and whatnot are still sexy. Nikita maintains eye contact flawlessly in this nice length show of over 30 minutes. The music on set must have been good, due to her bopping around enjoying herself. Seeing her in just the necklace in the last clip is now crossed off my bucket list, but I'll keep watching it anyway. Nikita's expressive eyes and mouth will grab your attention and not let go, then you remember, "Oh yeah, she's getting naked!"

10 out of 10
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wrzesień 9, 2011
I think this is Nikita's best look from her 4 cards so far. It's certainly her sexiest outfit yet and to my eye she simply looks more beautiful here than previously.

Nikita was both seductive and charming on the task-bar, but her performance was very slow again. She did move around a little, but didn't really hold my interest very much for the most part. She got going more as her clothes came off though, and the explicit (L4) clips are the best of the bunch. One clip in particular, where she got fully nude after seductively peeling her stockings off, is the best in the entire show for me. Nicely paced for the clip length and very sexy.

Only 4 pole clips in this show, but Nikita put in one of her better performances in them. Her movement wasn't exactly dynamic, but she mostly did enough to keep things interesting and threw in the occasional swing around. In the standing clips her movement was a little more up-tempo and varied enough to give an enjoyable seductive show.

So despite a few instances of relative boredom on the task-bar, this was a good solid performance overall.
Dołączył: gru 2010

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wrzesień 10, 2011
Nikita in little kitten is Purrrrrfect.From her strawberry blonde hair to her perky boobs ,truly addictive
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