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Samantha Lee

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Dołączył: cze 2009

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lipiec 4, 2013
Samantha Lee is the girl next door who blossomed late and whose beautiful face was overlooked because her square shoulders hid her growing body too well. She has a beautiful body, with strong hips to match her square shoulders and support those massively huge natural breasts.

When Samantha smiles, it lights up everything and showcases her at once shy and yet seductively knowing hotness. What she lacks in desktop dancing and striptease skill, she makses up for with willing enthusiasm.

Definitely a great card and one of the best newcomers in recent times. Well worth the tickets.
Dołączył: mar 2014

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kwiecień 24, 2014
I believe Samantha Lee is the most perfect example of big tits in proportion with the rest of her body. Her luscious legs, heavenly hips, and wondrous waist don't hurt, either. Add her fantastic face, evanescent eyes, and pretty pussy, and you have a woman that takes your breath away with every move she makes.

I wish she were my girlfriend; she'd never want for physical lovin'.

A 10/10 from me.

Dołączył: gru 2009

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styczeń 5, 2018
Wahudarifi show criteria:
  • Natural boobs: yes +1
  • Low profile shoes: yes +1
  • Barefoot clips: none 0
  • Sexy 'for me': yes +2

Extra 0.5 for the pawprint tatoos and she looks like a girl I dated in college. Good Times.
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