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Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Armina. Pokaz trwa 33 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: cze 2013

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wrzesień 20, 2013
Armina, she is incredible hot , sexy, a perfect body and a very sensual dancer. 10 /10.
Dołączył: paź 2013

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październik 20, 2014
I have to admit I underestimated Armina; such a beautiful woman with the perfect body. She delivers a very seductive show without explicit finger action. Just love her pole performance and espacially the last clip with that sun milk. Wow, thanx for a great show Armina!
Dołączył: lis 2010

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wrzesień 21, 2013
She looks really pretty. I love the bikini and french braid. The makeup flatters her features nicely as well. Thank you for wearing stripper shoes:-) I would like to see her with ther hair down in the next card. She moves really well. I love the cards with pretty girls that can move. Sure it would be great if she showed a little more but it was still very entertaining. My one complaint is more in regard to all of the cards. I feel like the prop should be stated in the description. I would love to see a card that had pole clips and a few clips with the swing.
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