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Victoria Daniels

 4.26 (320 głosów)

Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Victoria Daniels. Pokaz trwa 37 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: paź 2013

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sierpień 9, 2014
Victoria Daniels...whew! This really IS pure satin seduction. Hot outfit with lots of High Heels clips compared with an attractive woman and a seductive dance style. Once again Victoria confirms the fact that she's a great entertainer, this show never gets boring. She moves almost catlike and gives us some really nice pole action too! Despite the fact that I don't like this excessive "finger action" that much I really think this is her best show so far and a great must have card for everyone here on VG. Just awesome!
Dołączył: kwi 2008

106 komentarz(y)
sierpień 8, 2014
Wow this card is awesome. I don't know if it was the song playing or just the clip was that damn good but it made my hand go in my pants.
Dołączył: cze 2012

268 komentarz(y)
listopad 27, 2016
Her silky satin dress hugs her nicely. I love this girl.
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