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Victoria Blanc i Nataly Gold

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Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Victoria Blanc i Nataly Gold. Pokaz trwa 34 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: cze 2012

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luty 26, 2014
Victoria Blanc is focused all the time on the camera, her position and Nataly's. Plus, she's always giving instructions and her talk is not sexy. This is kind of disturbing, making it seem to artificial. Nevertheless, she gives Nataly great orgasms and is very enjoying it when she's touched and penetrated. Nataly is a nice newcomer, pretty and simple but it works perfectly. Nothing exceptional her, but a good performance. Really looking forward to see Nataly's solo show.
Dołączył: lis 2007

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luty 20, 2014
I had the same problem, but a reinstall corrected the problem.

By the way, the way these 2 girls like fucking each other in their available orifices is very juicy.
Dołączył: sty 2011

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luty 21, 2014
Victoria has large breasts and fair skin. Nataly is flat chested and dark skin. It makes for a nice contrast. I fell in love with Nataly on this one. Both ladies takes it in the ass like a girls that love a good ass fucking.
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