Elen Moore

Friendly Neighbor

 4.41 (216 głosów)

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październik 30, 2015
I don't regret to have bought also the sixth card of this pretty young woman. Lovely girl, lovely outfit, lovely show of this friendly neighbour.
kwiecień 29
I'm starting to really like this model.

At least for me, there are models when I purchase one or two of their cards I believe I'll get them all (or most). But after time I loose interest in the model. Then there is a few models where I purchase a card and wonder why I purchased it. Later,after reviewing the card and focusing on the model; I realize why I liked the model. Many times I end up purchasing more of their cards than a model I was immediately liked. Ellen Moore is one of these models. I'm finding myself playing the card I first purchased. I was finding myself selecting the first card I purchased more often. I'm now glad I purchased this first card and now this one.

She is a very beatuiful woman with bright blue eys and wonderful breasts. A bonus is her dimples and long red hair. The best thing about her, isn't her looks or the way she dances; but is how she makes you feel. Another poster mentioned she's like a girlfriend who takes off her clothes for you. To me this is very erotic. I'd love a young woman like this to want to take her clothes off for me.

She is an example of why I enjoy Istripper. The variety of women on this site is spectacular. I'm so glad there are a variety of natural looking women. This variety is the reason I keep purchasing cards. I'm really not a fan of the Hollywood nightmare.
październik 1, 2018
Not a pro, which I like. Elen is like watching a friend's girlfriend get naked for you.
listopad 7, 2015
Bought this card without watching demos first (was tech glitch for VG at that moment), all I can say, is I reallty hope this is not the last card for Elen, because she is AMAZING, even in this somewhat simple but beautiful outfit, please Totem, more Elen !!!
kwiecień 13
Ellen is a super sexy redhead! She has a beautiful face and a gorgeous body. She is one neighbor I would certainly get friendly with!
luty 4, 2017
One suggestion : she had better not take off high heels in standing or pole clips. Flat naked feet make legs looked much shorter. Even so, Elen Moore is doubtless a beautiful girl, this make-up especially. Besides, the thin white thong fits her pure body very sightly.
wrzesień 25, 2016
Incredibly gorgeous beautiful girl. I would love to see Elen Moore come back for more cards.
październik 31, 2015
I'd like to give a bonus rating of Billions and Billions. Another Great card, Thanks a Billion ;-)
październik 31, 2015
I love this girl she is a tease and knows how to draw you in....Hope to see her on desk babes soon.
luty 15
What a lovely tease. Great legs are shown off by that very short skirt and heels.
maj 6, 2017
Grade F (Not Great). 5.5/10.0. Elen is Attractive. Her body is good looking but not Hot. This Outfit is Slightly Trashy.
marzec 13, 2018
num num num num, i want her
czerwiec 18, 2016
What a good neighbor! Hot show.
czerwiec 3, 2018
excellente carte,ellen est un ravissement de chaque instant :)
kwiecień 14, 2016
Very nice in this simple outfit.