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Keisha Grey

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Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Keisha Grey. Pokaz trwa 36 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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styczeń 9, 2017
Keisha Grey: Lovely In Pink

Card Setup: 10 Full-Nude clips, 4 Topless, 4 Non-Nude

Keisha Grey: Lovely In Pink

1. How does the card show the physical form of the model?(Beauty, Dancing Ability, Flexibility, Diversity of Movement, Speed)

BEAUTY:4.5/5: I have always thought Keisha was very attractive. Her beauty is more tied to her energy, and seductiveness. He gap between her front teeth and her curvy body type reminds me of a hot party girl. Speaking of her curvy body. She is NOT overweight. She is fit, athletic, and looks very healthy. She has been in the business for four years, and looks very similar to when she was 18. As an American I love the tatoos, and the extra bush. I know this is culturally different than what is hot in Europe right now.

DANCING ABILITY: 4.5/5: Best Clips:(12,13,14,18) She shows her gorgeous form really well. I was suprised by how slow she dances, but she is a really good dancer hidden in a slow dancer. Her standing clips are slow, seductive, and then all of sudden she will dip and shake, pop and twerk with good pace. It is a quite a unique and impressive contrast. When she is nude she picks up the pace, more ass shaking, twerking, and exotic moves. Especially on the pole. I think one pole clip(12) has ass shaking from 4 different angles. WOW! Ironically, she doesn't do any generic missionary table work until clip 18, she kind of lulls you to sleep and then bam!, splits missionary. Brilliant with the contrast of speeds.

If she would have included some full splits from front and back, with some acrobatic pole moves this would have been a perfect score.

Dancing Abilities:

(Twerking, Standing Touch Toes , Pole and Standing squatting, Pole leg lift shaking, Table doggy shaking from behind, Table doggy shaking side. Standing thigh shake, Table Half splits. Boob Shake.)

2. Does the card create an immersive and realistic experience for the viewer? (Teasing Ability, Card progression, Smiling, Eye Contact, Personality)

CARD PERSONALITY: (4.3/5): Keisha smiles a lot, and at the right times, and she has different types of smiles. She has a more mischieveous smile when things are more explicit and one at the beginning that is more innocent.

She winks, and sucks on her fingers as the show moves on, and this is brilliant as it appears the viewer and performer are getting to know each other.

My impression is that she varies the speed of her dancing as she gets more explicit but her more explicit clips seem a little bit more disjointed because she can do so many different types of sexy moves. She did progress effectively from non-nude to topless to explicit.

I could tell the difference, even subtly by just looking at her face. Even though she had up to 10 special moves in some clips she still saved some for the last few cards, which is amazing. Also , Keisha tried to cultivate a personal feel and at times it felt like a warm private dance, not necessarily a girlfriend or wife dance. A more casual outfit may have helped th
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styczeń 7, 2017
I am loving the direction things are going lately, what with Keisha and Lexi among others, Great work all!
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styczeń 7, 2017
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