Limitless by

Dillion Harper

 4.39 (137 głosów)

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 Pobierz Teraz - ZA DARMO

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Dołączył w mar 2017

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czerwiec 12, 2017
Dillion's got a nice body, and I suppose she's technically proficient (at least in my admittedly-ignorant view). She'd probably even be pretty if not for that hair cut. For some reason, though, her hair style really detracts from her attractiveness for me. It's a decent card, but if I hadn't gotten it on special I wouldn't have purchased it on its own.
Dołączył w cze 2014

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wrzesień 30, 2017
Dance moves: 3/3

Explicitness: 1/3

Viewer interaction: 3/3

Clothes: 2/3

Shoes: 3/3

Girl: 4/5

Body: 5/5

Pro pole moves? no

Spreading? no

Too much bare feet? no

Tattoos? didn't see any
Dołączył w paź 2007

556 comment(s)
wrzesień 20, 2017
Oh man! Dillion is sooooo HOT!!! Absolutely stunning in every way!!!!
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