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Gulia G

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Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Gulia G. Pokaz trwa 43 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: mar 2011

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luty 2, 2018
This show counts 28 clips divided in Standing 8, Pole 7, Behind TB 5 and On TB 8.

Starting nude clip 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25.

This game player keeps always her shoes and stockings on. No rubbing or touching, softcore show.

Great debutcard of Giulia. Very original outfit; my compliments for the creativity of Totem Team.

That iStrippertop I had liked to see more often. Giulia is a lovely girl, who plays her role with great conviction.

Like Alina/a1132 in Racer Giulia knows how to play with and use the helmet.

Taking her helmet off shows even more her pleasing face. Several times she kisses sweetly her helmet and the ball.

And like Sabrisse/e0018 in Risky Business she moves gracefully in these shoes, what is an art in itself.

Game Day is no lazy day, but full action. Her movements are quick, fluent and without any hesitation.

Don’t expect in this show splits, twerking etc. It is not there. Giulia is a great find of Totem casting team.
Dołączył: lut 2018

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kwiecień 7, 2018
such a stunning hot smile
Dołączył: mar 2016

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październik 21, 2018
iStripper player in the game to heat it up.

Miss natural, genuine smile is on the play.

An instantaneous touch down for me.

What a special card this is.

Let’s put the helmet and football aside right away.

Perfect accessories, well thought, needed.

Would love to be the ball and get those sweet kisses from Gulia.

And this is not talking about what this ball can see…

• Hairstyle with the quilt and strands of hair on the face, perfect, cute

• The bright red that just makes her smile sweeter

• The little something to the eyes

• The black lines under them

• The little bow at the neck

Stop there.


• The iStripper tiny white top

• The bra strap that are showing

• What to say about the bra itself… Just love it as to what it holds

• Nice, no undie black short that goes with the white top and bra

• I like the sides that takes the bra idea

• I love the little “bummies” in it

• The whatever how you want to call them at the elbows

• The fingerless gloves

• The long, black socks

• I am not a fan of boots but here, just perfect

• All this black everywhere gets up all together

• The nails color that has nothing to do with the rest

• The little lady point of view on the game?

• Perfect!

Gulia G in Game Day.

Five stars.
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