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Ava Dalush

 4.45 (411 głosów)

Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Ava Dalush. Pokaz trwa 34 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: gru 2012

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marzec 4, 2018
Ava Dalush is one of the sexiest babe I've ever seen. She's f*****g sexy! She's f*****g hot!

Ava is a real beauty. Her aura radiates sex sex sex. She has a superb healthy looking body. She's very pretty. She has marvellous breasts. Her torso is just so loveable. She has a great arse & an exquisite pussy & delicious protruding clit hood. Good to see some pubes, just for once. I love her legs. She has really beautiful shapely feet.

Ava certainly knows how to put on an excellent show. She's an expert masturbator who has great technique that delivers orgasm after orgasm. She really takes things to another level when she uses her sex toy. Her pussy seems too tight to take the girth, the deeper it goes in.

When Ava is good, she's damn good. When she's 'naughty bad', wow... she's even better. This is a superb performance... up there with the best. I can't fault anything about this card. TOP CLASS PERFORMANCE.
Dołączył: lis 2009

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luty 24, 2015
The vast majority of girls on here and VirtuaGirl are shaved. So it's a real treat when a rare gem like Ava comes along. More Ava! More bush! If you like them shaved then there are plenty of cards to pick from. Something for everyone = everyone's happy.
Dołączył: kwi 2016

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październik 26, 2018
Ava Dalush is a firey lust bomb, who's ready to eagerly go off in an epic erotic explosion, in your fantasies! She has the seductive looks & sultry smiles down pat, like a hottie kung fu expert!

She will entice you & make you want more of her amazing presence every time! Her sexy accent gets me every time. She looks delicious in this outfit too!
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