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Luna Corazon

 4.7 (228 głosów)

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Dołączył w cze 2012

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październik 1, 2017
FYI, I rate on the # of clips I keep from a card...If I keep 2 clips, then I rate 2/5 and so on...In order to keep a clip, it needs to be rewatchable...twerk, dips, great attitude, flexibility, great teasing with clothes, a diversity of motion...well this card has so many clips that have great action, and each clip is different from the one before, too many girls are too limited in skill, and they dance slow to cover up for it...Luna dancers slow but transitions from one great view to another...she is not shy, knows her body, and is skill standing, on the pole and on the table. 5/5 is a rare rating for me as I think cards should be rated on a comparitive scale, most cards are going to be 2.5/5 in my book.
Dołączył w wrz 2007

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sierpień 25, 2017
Excellent card! Thank you Luna and Team Totem.
Dołączył w mar 2012

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październik 16, 2017
Love her sexy body
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