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Maria Rubio

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Zainstaluj iStripper by uzyskać dostęp do ekskluzywnego erotycznego pokazu Maria Rubio. Pokaz trwa 42 minut i zawiera pikantne sceny.

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Dołączył: wrz 2012

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październik 11, 2018
Najlepszy komentarz - Maria Rubio by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

A dirty Maria will clean your screen in a lustful performance
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październik 11, 2018
This show counts 15 clips divided in Standing 5, Pole 6 and On TB 4. Bare feet in two clips.

Two TB clips are XXX, but without sound*, together ± 10 minutes. Starting Nude (no panties) two clips: one Taskbar and one Pole.

Maria Rubio enters in the footsteps of some other famous maids: Tracy Smile, Sapphira A, Cara Mell, Susana Melo and Mia Sollis.

Coincidence or not, but recently there was a photoshoot (Weeknight Dinner) with Maria serving the table. So she has experience.

The title of this show is ambiguous: does Maria clean the screen and pole or refers “Clean & Tidy” to her well shaved pussy?

The costume is funny, in particular the apron and the feather. The feather is used in seven clips.

In Standing and Pole clips Maria has to laugh several times: it’s about the role she has to play.

You can see she oppresses sometimes that laugh, because she has serious business to do!

Although experienced with the webcam, her facial expressions are more a reaction on her innerly emotions than on the camera.

Like I observed her and one can see she is more introvert than extrovert.

As soon as the maid has finished her cleaning work in the standing and pole clips, she is looking for some distraction.

She is lying down on the table and works her self to a climax in three TB clips.

In one clip with her fingers in her panties and in the other two (clip 14 and 15) with finger insertion.

In the BTS photo’s Maria is wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt. An appropiate Stones song would be “Sister Morphine”,

because a maid can also provide some assistance as nurse: ‘Please, sister Morphine, turn my nightmares into dreams”.

The dream is ....Maria (West Side Story):

”The most beautiful sound* I ever heard

Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria

All the beautiful words of the world in a single word

Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria”

  • As result of a fire in april 2018, Totem had to use a temporary studio, in which there was too much interference of neighbourhood sounds to record their own sound, in casu the sighing of the model. It’s unfair imo to give less points to a show because of this reason, although I can imagine very well the disappointment.
Dołączył: mar 2012

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marzec 13
Love it
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