Victoria Daniels

 4.37 (2830 głosów)

Victoria Daniels is 21 years old and just starting her stripping career. Victoria was first introduced to the stage during a dare at a wet t-shirt contest, but she loved the attention her body got so much that she got a job as a stripper the very next week. Victoria came to Desk Babes to perfect her art even further. The prospect of taking stripping to the next level with girl-on-girl play and solo masturbation scenes was a huge turn on to her, and we are happy to welcome the lovely Victoria to our team.

  • Miasto: Prague
  • Kraj: Czech republic
  • Wiek: 20
  • Wzrost: 170 stóp
  • Waga: 60 funtów
  • Wymiary: 76 / 61 / 89

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